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Enabling Therapeutics from Marine Phytochemicals

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Overcoming the Limit

In the conventional approach, there has always been a trade-off between efficacy and safety.
Botamedi is revolutionizing the field by overcoming this limit.
Efficacy together with safety enables many things that were impossible in the past.


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via Cellular Health

Every cell in our body has inherent healing mechanisms. Symptomatic treatments often eliminate or block such mechanisms and lead to various side effects. Botamedi's approach is different.
Rather than just eliminating the symptom, we pursue ways to achieve cellular health and "wake up" the healing mechanisms inherent in the cells.

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from Eco-Healing Resources

Botamedi's marine phytochemical therapeutics are derived from a brown algae that grows by consuming massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, thus contributing to air purification.



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We provide marine phytochemical-based therapeutics

that are safe, effective, and beneficial for human, animal and ecological well-being.

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Major Business

SEANOL® Technology, Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Develop, produce and supply marine polyphenol-based dietary ingredients
  • Develop and supply functional foods, beverages, cosmetics and personal-hygiene products
  • Develop and supply APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
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SEANOL® Technology

21-Years of Botamedi

What we have done






Our Technology


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Evaluating the Medicinal Efficacy and Safety of Bioactives from the Sea

To evaluate the medicinal efficacy and safety of these newly found marine phytochemicals, 80+ in vitro and in vivo studies have been carried out.




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Clinical Studies

In non-pharmaceutical fields, 18 clinical trials have been carried out for the health benefits of SEANOL® supplementation in various forms including capsules, tablets, beverages, creams and hair tonics. In the pharmaceutical field, Phase I and II studies have been carried out for PH100, an investigational new drug.


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Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control

High-Precision extraction and control of marine bioactives under ISO 22,000 (German Cert) using renewable, ecologically beneficial resources.
Meets industry standards of Japan, USA and EU. Uses renewable, ecologically beneficial resources.


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FDA Authorization as NDI

In 2008, the US FDA authorized the use of the Ecklonia cava extract that meets the specification of Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL®(SEANOL®-P) as a new dietary ingredient (NDI).





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EFSA Authorization as NFI

In 2018, the EU authorized the use of Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL® as a novel food ingredient (NFI) after a thorough review of its quality and safety standards by the 28 member countries and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).




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Wide Scope of Applications

Marine phytochemicals' extraordinary biocompatiblity and phyiological benefits have been demonstrated through the development and testing of over a hundred products including various foods, beverages, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Now their value is becoming apparent in medical fields as well, where both safety and efficacy are urgently needed to slow down or stop the progression of many chronic illnesses.

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Health-Functional Approvals

In 2013, the Korean FDA (currently MFDS) approved Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL® as a new health-functional food ingredient for cholesterol management.

In 2018, a health claim for the management of post-prandial blood glucose level has additionally been approved .



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Screening, Isolation and Identification of Bioactives from the Sea

Marine phytochemicals have been screened and isolated from 300 species of marine algae. The molecular structures of these phytochemicals have been identified by using state-of-the-art 2D-NMR and mass spectrometric techniques.


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Pharmaceutical Pipeline

Multipotent pharmacological activity, together with an excellent safety profile, makes Botamedi's marine phytochemicals extraordinary.
Based on unprecedented medicinal characteristics not found elsewhere, a spectrum of drug candidates that could overcome the current therapeutic limits in major incurable diseases are under development in collaboration with worldwide expert groups.

PH100 Tablet for diabetic complications (Phase II)
PH733 for Neurodegeneration (Preclinical)
PH300 Injectable for systemic inflammations (Preclinical)
Conjugates for oncology (Preclinical)
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We provide marine phytochemical-based therapeutics that are safe, effective, and beneficial for human, animal and ecological well-being.

We pursue the triple happiness - for ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

We aim to establish a new-paradigm therapeutic approach based on both safe and effective marine phytochemicals, in order to prevent and manage the currently-incurable chronic degenerative diseases that have prevailed in the 21st century.



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